Sunday, September 26, 2010


I understand some people or events are seen to be culturally relevant and people are interested, however when the very act of producing a film not only draws attention to a subject, but propagates a behavior or person which the film itself seems to slander, I'm baffled. I'm sure the irony of making a film about the "meteoric" rise of a (here I will leave her name unmentioned) hotel socialite using the media to further herself as a brand name, is not lost on anyone.

This film provides a sickening profile of a person who I personally detest, and an alarming look into the interests of the modern American consumer culture. This woman has brand recognition that I'm sure large corporations would kill to have. How did this happen? I just watched a movie that seemed to be after the answer to that question, and yet I feel as though I was not given a good or at least satisfying answer. Can it simply be that the public is so vapid and misguided in regard to the idols they choose to worship, that anyone that has sex on camera and releases a clothing line can be a multimillionaire? I suppose that would be the simplest answer, but something just doesn't add up. Where is the money coming from? Who pays these men to stalk the celebrity to take pictures of their new child? More importantly, what exactly are they trying to sell us (besides magazines) that seems to create these huge revenue streams?

People like her are simply a face, which a brand buys because people know what she looks like. But what interests me more than phenomenon of celebrity culture, are the people that participate in it. You know, "normal people". Who are they? What do they look like? Do they admire this fake cast of characters because they believe one day they will be like them? I just don't understand it, and frankly I think its part of a larger problem in this country that will ultimately be the death of the rational citizen. The more people are trained through constant media bombardment to pay the most attention to appearance, manner of speech and a good smile rather than the content of their words, the faster this republic will be destroyed.

I suppose what I mean to say is that people like her are destroying the minds of rational people by distracting them from whats important by highlighting the fact they will always be better, richer and prettier than those who they seek to distract. It's one of the most insulting things I've ever seen and sometimes I wonder if the people who actually participate are aware they're subject of a cosmic joke.


  1. I have been noticing a trend of cultural degeneration which follows in suit with the increase of "celebrity" and those who follow it. I myself do not understand why people revere celebrities and put so much effort and attention into them.