Wednesday, September 29, 2010

You wouldn't only use your left hand when fixing a sink, would you?

My goal going into writing this blog had nothing to do with keeping a coherent theme or pushing any kind of agenda. Mostly what I wanted to was to write every day and keep my brain working in some fashion. My classes right now don't really require me to write papers. They don't even provide much of an intellectual challenge, but such is the curse of taking the fun classes before the requirements. However in my vigor to keep writing and given the nature of the "blogosphere", which is a lame word anyway, I wonder what exactly people look for in original content. I see a lot of blogs around that do recap type posting, maybe it's pictures, videos or reviews and while those are cool that set-up doesn't really seem to suit my style.

When it comes to writing I like to keep things mixed up as much as possible, perhaps because I don't have much to say about any one thing in any great depth. Optimistically I'd like to believe that it's due my innate desire to cover as much ground academically as I feasibly can. In essence my problems with writing are the same ones I have academically. I am spastic. A short attention span may be at fault here but generally my interest in a given subject runs it's course before I feel the need to mix it up with something new and generally unrelated. Having said that, maybe what I have to say in these posts isn't of any particular relevance and as much as it would be a great job title, I don't think I have the drive to become a great "writer". I do hope though that when the readers browse my blog (for whatever reason) they can find a shred of commonality with my situations and beliefs. I post what I think not because I want other people to know what how I view a situation, but because I want to find others that agree or at the very least have some sort of counterargument.

While no one is special as our parents would have had us believe, I tend to think that I am part of an underrepresented sect of the modern society. I can honestly say that I'm in the middle of the spectrum whether it be socially or politically. Not because I can't make up my mind due to indifference or ignorance, I simply don't believe that either extreme has everything "right". There are things from every point of view that I can identify with and as such I suppose that I can't be loud about too much. It's easy to take a hard stance when you lean so far in one direction, especially when you're leaning in to yell in my face.

That's where the title of this blog comes in to play, and in a fit of cleverness I rarely have, it actually fits into what I seek to accomplish here. For people like me, the ones that can't accept one doctrine of thinking, things will that happen will always be different and I can't imagine a world in which my view becomes the status quo. So for now, what I get out this world will always vary in relation to which extreme gets to play in the big white house and I'll always get a little of what I want but never the whole cigar.

Such is life, I suppose.


  1. I agree with you ,there's no reason to stay focused on one theme when you can taste a bit of each .I also despise people who instead of producing some content just paste videos and pictures.

  2. Although I tend to blog on things that interest me, I have also found blogging to be an excellent method of utilizing writing skills on a daily basis. Enjoyed the read, thanks

  3. i considered being "spontaneous" with my blog, but i figured it would be hard to form a definitive audience