Friday, October 1, 2010

Project : Booked

If there's one thing during my life that I've had no shortage of it, it would definitely be leisure time. So it is my goal from now on to find something productive to do with my time. The summer of my laziness has just about run its course and it's time to find something to do with myself when I'm not making money or going to school. There's plenty of people that would say for a person my age that's a perfectly reasonable amount of responsibility, but in my case I have a lot of ground to make up. Most people my age have had far more experiences and I intend to get out into the world and make something of myself. And it will start just around the corner.

I have always wanted to become a volunteer, I just never had that push to go out and do it. I'm sure that if I had started doing something meaningful with my free time long ago I would be a much different person, but I'm done with regrets (or so I tell myself). Being an active volunteer for a few choice organizations I think will help me towards my goal, which I will be calling "Project : Booked". You know when people call you and ask what your plans are for the weekend and most of the time (if you're anything like me) you have nothing to offer, and your most common response is "I have no plans, what's up?" Well, I don't want to have to say that anymore because let's be honest we rarely do anything really great with our weekends that we don't plan ahead of time. Very rare is the spontaneous activity really worth anything at all. When someone calls me I want to have something to say, not because I want to feel important but rather because I want to be doing something, anything.

At first glance my reasoning for being a volunteer might sound superficial and lame, and it probably is. I want to fill my free time doing something productive that helps somebody else, because most of my life I've done nothing productive for the most selfish of reasons but I suppose even volunteering is selfish in some sense of the word. I would like one day to be able to say that I made some small difference in making another persons life a little more bearable, because the world is really terrible for most people. I guess there's a factor of guilt that goes into this as well. I grew up better than most and while my family wasn't rich, I'm at an age now where I can appreciate the value of currency and be aware of the kinds of situations the majority of the people on this planet face on a daily basis. I can honestly say now, that I had no idea how good I would have it when I was complaining my world was a terrible place. I really didn't know the half of it, and yes I know the statement is self-evident for anyone that reaches the age of reason, it doesn't make it any less true. Truth is sustained only by our ability to repeat it.

My goal is to be a better person by making other lives a little better, but it is not the only thing I intend to do. There is a larger plan at work here, and I intend to put it into action one step at a time.


  1. you've described what i wish to be my motivation. thanks.

  2. great plan! im going to be productive too from now on lol

  3. Really glad to hear about the volunteer work man, you'll be making someones life better for sure.

  4. i should really do some more volunteer work too...

  5. You need to touch others lives to make your life better.